Harvard Latter-day Saints Student Association


The Harvard Latter-day Saint Student Association is an official student organization formed to promote spiritual well-being, foster and strengthen friendships, and uphold Church standards by sponsoring activities and events for the LDS undergraduates at Harvard. The Harvard LDSSA continually seeks to identify and meet the needs of its current and future members.

Prospective Students

Harvard is a great place to be LDS! Thinking of applying? Email the board to arrange a campus visit! We’re happy to host you and show you around campus.



See what the LDSSA is up to! Click here to add this Google calendar to your own.


Email harvardcollegeldssa@gmail.com to get in touch with a board member!

You can also find us on Facebook!

2021-2022 LDSSA Board

Noah Jones, President

Annabelle Finlayson, Vice President

Katherine McPhie, Secretary

Coulson Rich, Treasurer

Samanta Mendoza, Outreach Coordinator

Joanna Bai, Freshman Representative